Why travelling?

Last year, 2011, was my last year of Sixth Form. So like most sixth formers, I applied to UCAS, went to open days (well.. Only one) and was given 5 conditional offers from Universities. And naturally, I had a favourite one. However, when results day rolled around, what I had been dreading and half-knowing all summer happened. Following my rejection from my first choice uni, I was forced to re-think everything – what career I wanted, if I wanted one, what to do next, how to spend to a gap year should I opt for one, etc.. So this is what I’ve chosen to do, travel!

For me, travelling is an important part of most people’s lives. If you think about it, during the year, the time you most get excited and look forward to is that period of escape A.K.A your holiday! Everyone needs one, whether in the country or abroad, and when you return, you spend ages trying to explain the beauty of the place you had just spent a brief period of your life in. To be able to do this for as long as possible next year feels like an amazing opportunity, one that I’d be absolutely barking mad to miss. I know that this will be a massive challenge for me, and I’m excited to have the chance to do this.

My plans have now been thought of, booked and mostly paid for! Although I know where I’m going, as well as my family and friends, you won’t know that until I actually get there and blog about it. Evil, I know. For now though these were some of my starting ideas. Even if I don’t get to visit some of them this year, they will still be places I absolutely want to visit!

South America – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Peru, Machu Picchu. The South has so much culture and diversity, fun and colour.. Who wouldn’t want to experience it for themselves?
North America – If you’re from anywhere other than THE US of A, who doesn’t want to spend time there? It’s iconic, the epitome of cool and full of beauty. I’m interested in visiting all different states and soaking up as much as I can; Boston, Los Angeles (and of course the Hollywood sign), San Francisco, New York, Alaska.
Australia and New Zealand – Ever since I can remember, my godmother has lived in Australia (up until the last couple of years anyway) and this has always, ALWAYS instilled in me a desire to find out about where she lived and what it’s like. Plus, the Aussie accent anyone?
South Africa – Lions. Tigers. Zebras. Gazelles. What more can I say? Doesn’t everyone want to visit Africa?! It’s the picturesque country – sun, fun and wild animals. And if I get the chance to help these beautiful animals while I’m there, that’d be the cherry on top of it all.

When I first started out planning, I can see now that I was a little.. Well, really quite naive about how much money it would take to fund my plans and how much I’ve had to limit them. It’s quite funny actually. You can’t imagine what it’s like to plan and pay for something this big until you actually do it!

Let’s see what happens in the next couple of months before my departure! As they say, the world’s my oyster :)

5 Responses to “Why travelling?”
  1. Anita Mac says:

    Sounds like you have some awesome plans ahead of you! Enjoy.

  2. Your plan look as amazing as expensive… What’s the budget you’r thinking about for everything? I am dreaming of something similar but the budget is preventing me to even do research about it :) Don’t want to fool myself too much :) Good luck and enjoy your trip!!

    • For everything, including spending money, it will be towards the 7000GBP mark for me. I only saved up for around 6 months altogether. Don’t let money stop you, though! There’s always an amount of time and budget to suit what you want to do. Really do your research and just cut down on the things you don’t physically need everyday!

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