About Bec

Here are some things about me..

This is me - hi!

– I enjoy television way too much. My Sky+ is full to the brim pretty much all year round. Actually, let’s go with “I’m addicted to television”.
– You probably couldn’t tell this outright by meeting me, but I am an absolute geek. Give me anything space-related, technological or a sudoku puzzle and I’ll be happy.
– I love the1930’s, 40’s and 50’s eras but I HATE black and white movies. The love is for their fashion and beauty, their traditional lives and romance. The hate is because I like a bit of colour in my life!
Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and one I will most definitely indulge on my travels. But it was my worst grade out of my A Levels. Go figure.
– My family are certifiably insane. And hilarious.
– I really struggle with decision making.
– I am a clean freak, but not a neat freak. I don’t mind a bit of clutter or organised mess, but if things aren’t hygienic or clean, that’s when I will start to be frustrated. Uh oh..
– I constantly worry about money, or lack of.
– And lastly, I am applying to uni again to do a joint degree. Life’s too short and I want to practise both Psychology and Journalism in my life.

So you see, a couple of these things make travelling for an extended period of time a challenge. Especially not being able to make clear decisions easily, which means that I basically want to go everywhere and change my mind constantly on where to start and what to do. That is exactly why, so far, I have nothing booked and tonnes of brochures from statravel.co.uk on my floor!

3 Responses to “About Bec”
  1. eGichomo says:

    This was fun to read :) Looking forward to reading about your travel on the blog. I enjoy your tweets as well… You won’t do bad on decisions, don’t worry dear. I like your taste!
    All the best.

  2. Ryan Young says:

    Hope your ok and getting on well bezzy! Thinking of you x

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