Goodbye to Fast Friends

Making friends as a backpacker, traveller or whatever you want to call the kind of nomad lifestyle a lot of people have chosen, is very different to making them at home or in a familiar place.

Out here, when you find someone that you connect with, the friendship is more instant. You bypass the petty things that, at home, may lead you to pass over the opportunity to let that person into your life.

Because it even though it can be called a ‘nomad’ lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you want to be or are constantly alone.

Out here, you just have to take a deep breath, introduce yourself and you may find yourself with a new face to add to your list of friends. One that could teach you a lot about the world and maybe even about the next places on your list.

The flip side to this?

When it’s time to say goodbye after a week or a month, it can be quite hard.

You’re probably in a foreign country that you’ve not explored before and these people have been there with you to fully experience it, something that would mean a lot to anyone. They’ve created lasting memories of the time you spent chasing your dreams of seeing the world.

So when the two closest friends I made on my TopDeck tour left this morning, it was hard for me to imagine being without them for even a couple of hours, let alone for the foreseeable future. I had been with Nadine literally 24/7 for an entire month, and the same for Annette but for the last 2 weeks or so. I had probably spent as much time with them as I had my friends at home in the last year because that kind of tour is so intense.

And despite the relatively short time, they mean so much to me. There were times when I felt upset or ill, and they were there the whole time, even when they didn’t need to be. When I decided to go back to the hotel one night instead of going out, Nadine came with me (Good job she did, we managed to get seriously lost in Surfer’s Paradise and didn’t find our way for over an hour). When I wasn’t feeling my best (usually due to drinking at that point..), Annette always comforted me by playing with my hair or just hugging me.

But better than that, I instantly felt comfortable with the both of them and we shared so many highs and so many laughs  that I know it’s the reason the last month has gone so damn fast.

I’m already missing you girls!


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