Feel at Home Backpackers – Singapore

“Feel at Home Backpackers are at your service
to provide the best budget hostel in Singapore at
very affordable prices with great facilities.”

First Impressions: everything’s a little jumbled up and it’s not the cleanest of places. However straight away I was offered breakfast and some homemade Indian food despite not having technically “checked-in” yet.

The Good: after getting over my initial reaction, which you can read about here, it really became a nice place to hang out. I must admit that 50% of this was due to the people I’ve met since being here. I’ve taken to calling them my dormies, like roomies. The other 50% did come from the staff though. Despite not really speaking perfect English a lot of the time, they made an effort and are very friendly. The downstairs rooms (private doubles and female only 4-bed dorm) are newer than the top floor, but still great either way. You get free breakfast (jam/marmalade on toast and eggs) and tea throughout the day as well as well as really great speed Internet (upstairs, it’s not as fast downstairs) for free.

My first dorm!

The Bad: the toilets are in the shower rooms. You shower basically on top of a toilet. Which are situated next to/in the kitchen area. And like I mentioned before, it isn’t the cleanest of places. The dorm rooms themselves are really up to standard and great value for the £11 I paid, but the ‘bathrooms’ aren’t, and I would definitely prefer it the other way around. Also, for an airport pick up, I was quoted S$35, which is around £17. When we called to confirm, we explained what they told me the price was beforehand, but they still ended up charging me S$45 on arrival. Despite the ground level rooms being newer, the toilet/shower rooms are larger but definitely worse condition than upstairs.

Overall: I’d give them 3/5. The staff and rooms make up slightly for the hygiene, but not completely.


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