First experiences of hostel living.

I have now officially stayed in my first hostel.

I’m going to try and be frank with you about all my experiences, my blog isn’t somewhere where I only want to write about the amazing, breath-taking experiences I have. It’s hopefully going to be an honest account of my time travelling. So even though mum, I know you’ll probably worry reading some of this, don’t. You know how emotional I can get!

When I arrived in Singapore, I was tired, full of all the wrong foods (somehow I always manage to do this on flights) and completely uncomfortable. Add this to the fact that I knew nothing about the place I was, it was my first time literally flying solo and I had a really emotional time leaving my family at the departure gate. Then add alllll of that again to 85% humidity, 30’C temperatures and two heavy bags, I was feeling pretty crappy.

The drive to the hostel was lovely. If you’ve ever seen the trees in Singapore, you’ll know what I mean. If not, I’ll go one better and show you! Singapore also has some of the most amazing architecture I’ve ever seen.

These trees pull some insane shapes!

But then I arrived at my hostel. I knew it was going to be basic. I booked it last minute (well done, Bec), about a week before I left, and it only cost £11 a night. However £22 sounds worse in Singapore dollars and then I had a hefty airport pick up bill on top of that. S$45 to be exact. Yeah. Suffice to say, I will be finding a cheaper way back to Changi airport on Saturday.

Back to the hostel though. It was located down a back street of Singapore, near Little India. Being a woman, and an actual human being, I like cleanliness. The dorms are nice enough, with air conditioning and English plug sockets. But the combined toilet and shower rooms leave a lot to be desired. I won’t go into detail.

So after parting with my money and waiting for 2 hours until they kindly let me sleep in a bed while I was waiting to check in, I had a teary phone call to my mum. Then another to my dad. Although I’m not sure if they realised the state of me.. At that point, I’d pretty much decided to not leave my room unless necessary until check out on saturday, then wait at the airport for however long until my flight.

But not 5 minutes after I’d finished speaking to my dad, a German guy called Max walks into my previously empty dorm room and straight away introduces himself, followed by an invitation to join him for dinner if I was hungry. Obviously I said yes, while trying to cover up my slightly blotchy crying face and 10 minutes later, we were sat outside in the warm evening air enjoying a lovely dinner of penne arabiatta and peri-peri chicken. By the way, Max has never heard of Nando’s.

So while I was planning on saving as much money as possible while here, I absolutely didn’t mind spending S$20 if I meant I had a proper meal, actual company and got to spend some time outside the hostel.

Getting back to the door room, we found an older man passed out on his bed so we tiptoed around him for a while until he woke up, who I’m sure was Italian. By this time, another guy had come back to the room, a Swedish guy. I want to call him Sven, but it may be Anton.. I’m not sure. But he was another lovely guy who gave me a couple of things to prepare for Oz.

But at the end of my first day I was feeling a lot further away from the miserable start I’d had and had already met 3 different men from 3 different countries. Hostel living is bursting full of variety and surprise, which I definitely like.

What was your first hostel experience? Or a particularly memorable one?

6 Responses to “First experiences of hostel living.”
  1. mumma mart says:

    love these posts – and u will soon settle into the way of life of hostel living !!! – live the dream baby girl xxx

  2. Terrence says:

    Sometimes things don’t go as planned. But there are a ton of fun & free things to do in Singapore. Have fun, and stay cool!

  3. Joyce and Steve Young says:

    My darling Becky, just read through all your blog and will so look forward to following you around. You are having an experience of a lifetime, grasp it firmly with both hands and I know you will enjoy it. Can’t help if I’m still worrying but that’s only natural, keep that necklace on and I just know you will be looked over. Going for a little weep now.
    Hmm 3 different men in one night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That ‘s a good start, are they all doing the same trip as you? Speak to you again soon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Funny, we’re in Singapore now. In fact, walked to Little India past some hostels that sounds just like how you mentioned above so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Sorry to hear that was your first hostel experience. Tell you a secret, everyone has had at least one in their hosteling days. Lol. But think of it this way, you’re now ready for anything! Hooray! It’ll get better. ;)

    We’ve just finished a month in Oz so let us know if you need any tips. Also, try Couchsurfing. :) Best of luck and congrats on your first solo flight!

  5. sweetdea says:

    found your blog randomly on twitter but I have to say… I had a very very similar experience when I flew into France for a school exchange.. even though my dorm was nice and I had a ride into town from the airport.. the night ended in teary phone calls home. The rest of the trip was amazing though! Maybe it’s an introductory to an amazing trip!? Best of luck on your journeys!

  6. Hey Becky, I had the same experience with Singapore being our first stop on our RTW. Although I am traveling with my husband I still felt extremely far from home during the first couple of days but hostel living soon fixed that. we are now 2 weeks in and seen much of Malaysia and have met some amazing people and loving every moment. You are so very brave for traveling solo – well done! All the best for your travels!

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