Bon Voyage

This weekend I held my eagerly anticipated leaving party and I’m pleased to say that it went brilliantly. It was also harder than I ever imagined. Having it only 5 days before my departure date and after I had just finished my last day at work, it was a time for a lot of goodbyes to both family and good friends. Here’s how it went down..

I left work at 5pm, after a tearful goodbye to some of the best work friends I could ever have asked for. I then got home to find two of my best friends waiting for me at my front door, ready to start the ‘getting ready’ process. I’ve really missed doing this with my girls. Wine, music, outfit changes and beauty regimes.

Between half 7 and 8, people were starting to arrive and it was time to party! The first tears of the night were courtesy of my nan giving me a family necklace to wear while I’m away, to keep me safe. From then on, it was drink, tears and laughs!

Every time someone at the party had to leave, it was a mass of I love you’s, I’ll miss you’s and See you soon’s mixed with me trying not to bawl my eyes out and failing utterly miserably. My family, friends and I are very close knit and I’m the first person to do this kind of trip.

However, what followed next was sure to set a massive smile on my face.. And make my stomach ache from laughing!

Two of my friends from work, Ryan and Marcus, decided to put a bit more .. Body into the party. Literally! After locking themselves in the toilet twice and making me re-start LMFAO’s ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ 3 times, they strolled out – one wearing a mankini, the other a leopard print thong! Obviously by this point they were fairly out of it and proceeded to run around the neighborhood after dancing around to a series of flashes from everyone’s cameras and phones.

Warning: Explicit!

After that, rest assured, it was a night I’ll never forget with the people I love most in the world.


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