Part 2 – Firsts

After my post about ‘Lasts’ (if you missed it, it’s here!), things you do for the last time before you leave for travelling, I got thinking about all the firsts I’m going to achieve. This is the list I’m definitely most excited about! This trip of mine, my first travel baby, is going to be absolutely fantabulous for ‘Firsts’. Pretty much everything I see and do will be a opportunity to experience something completely new to me. So here are the ones I’m most excited about;

First solo flight.
First time visiting Australia.
First time visiting Africa.
First African Safari.
First time seeing the Sydney Opera House.
First time seeing Ayers Rock.
First time staying in a hostel (it’s going to be an experience!)
First time surfing.
First time scuba-diving.
First time sailing.
First long haul flight (okay, maybe not excited about this but it will definitely be interesting..)
First time unemployed (since first having a job obviously!).
First time on a group tour.
First time living without my parents for an extended period.
First time (hopefully) having a lion encounter!
First time in a city by myself. Eek.

So there you have it. That list could easily have been soo much longer, but  I just used the ones that first sprung to mind. Even if Ido say so myself, this is going to be an epic journey.

What were your firsts? What were you really excited about doing, or even nervous?


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