Part 1 – Lasts

As my leaving date is catching up with me scarily fast, I’m starting to notch up quite a few ‘lasts’. C’mon backpackers, you know what I mean! The realisation leading up to your first outbound flight that almost everything you do will be your last time before you go!

While some lasts can be quite sad – “this is my last proper cuppa” gulp. I am going to miss my morning cuppa’s.. My afternoon and twice nightly ones too ;) – others lasts can be quite refreshing – “this is the last time someone can wake me up in the early hours of the morning with a text, YES!” (Because I am blocking my phone contract. Hell. to the yes.)

A few of mine will be;
Last payday.
Last time I see my nan before I leave.
Last day in January (pretty sad, I know, but in my job, you gotta count the small milestones).
Last time weekend at work.
Last family gathering.
Last party.
Last sleep in my double bed.
Last time I hug my baby (my cat).

What were your lasts before leaving for your trip? Ones you were looking forward to, ones you were dreading?


Part 2 coming soon! Ps. It’s about my travel firsts!


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