Snap Happy

Current feeling: YAAY YAAY YAAY!

Reason: My sexy new camera has arrived. With much time to spare for me to test out all it’s features before I leave in 13 days.

Most of the time, it’s highly unlikely that anything will happen the way I imagine it to. As a procrastinator, I pretty much always lack the motivation to do anything before the minute it HAS to be done. So when I had a go on the camera I got for christmas only last week and was pretty disappointed by it (kept freezing, despite it being brand new, and the shutter speed was ohhhhh sooooo slooooowwww ergh), I really didn’t have a lot of time to get a replacement sorted.


When I ordered this beast of a compact camera from Amazon, the delivery time came up at the end as “2 – 13 days (9 – 23 February)”. Crap. By now you should all know off the top of your head, my leaving date is the 22nd. So I was expecting this to be a mad rush at the better end of the spectrum and disastrous at the worst end.



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