Hi February!

I don’t quite know how to say this without exploding with excitement. From now on, I get to say..


February 2012 is finally here!

Now, I’m one of those girls who loves something to look forward to, a good countdown. Christmas? I start getting excited in November. My birthday? I’m counting down from the start of a new year, despite it being in September! Although this year, that countdown has been put on hold for something much more exciting and expensive. Travelling, duh!

So in 3 weeks, or 21 days, I will finally, FINALLY, be jetting off for hotter climates and far more thrilling destinations.

But being this close to my departure date definitely send a jolt of anxiety throughout my body..
Have I ACTUALLY got everything I need? The answer is probably no.
Do I really have enough money? The answer is definitely no.

As well as being a countdown loving girl, I am also a last-minute girl. Which doesn’t work when you’re the. biggest. worrier. I still  have transfers, hostels, local payments, clothes, jabs and some travel essentials that I need to pay for and arrange. I can’t help being a procrastinator!

How did you feel at this point? Excited? Nervous? Let me know!


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