Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Even though I’m a first-time backpacker, I’m not a first-time traveller. This got me thinking, you have read about my thoughts and plans for my upcoming trip and, while it may be the biggest get away that I’ve ever planned (SO FAR!), you have no idea of the places I’ve been, sights I’ve seen and things I’ve done, waaay before backpacking was even a blip on my wanderlust radar! So here you are, some of my favourite photographs from around the world (the parts I’ve been to anyway)!

Just monkeying around..

Perfect timing!

Some gorgeous flowers

Niagara Falls, Canada

Reading Festival experience

Prayers in Aix en Provence

Cornwall, England

Seriously addictive!

While these photographs may not be the most beautiful or cultural shots, they certainly stir up some good times in my head!

Canada was an amazing trip! – and an extended one at that! The volcano Eyjafjallajökull (yes, I definitely copied and pasted that bad boy!) erupted a few days before we were due to leave Canada and we ended up having to our holiday for another 5 days! This was an added bonus as it was raining the first time we saw Niagara Falls, so we doubled back and saw it in all it’s glory. Beautiful.

Cornwall was about my grandad recapturing a family holiday he had with his kids (my mum and her siblings) back in the 70’s. Amazingly, the photographs we took in 2011 look eerily the same as the ones he has in an album from the first time! The weather really surprised us and I ended up getting majorly sunburnt one day! It’s also the place where the younger generations of the family became obsessed with finding the best planking photograph!

Reading Festival was my first solo journey/holiday sans my family. I drove my little green Peugeot 107 to Reading and back, with no major catastrophies! It was without a doubt 5 days that I will remember for the rest of my life and I will certainly be repeating that time again.

Aix en Provence, France was a short visit to see my worldly godmother and her adorable twins. We’ve taken this journey twice now, and will do many more times in the future, and each time it astounds me how beautiful France really is. The language, the streets, the culture, the scenery. I. Love. France.

So there you have it, some of my past travelling memories. I soo can’t wait for my next batch!

What are your favourite trip memories? Got any stories?


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