Dreams vs Reality

In my head, I have a good beach body. In my head, in all of my holiday snaps, I will be the petite brunette who looks just as comfortable make-up free and in a bikini as she does when she makes an effort.

In reality, although I prefer bikini’s, I never feel completely comfortable in them. In reality, I am short, with hair that gets flat in the sea breeze and covers up my thighs with some cut off’s.

The months, weeks and days before my yearly holiday can easily spent thinking/worrying about the perfect beach body, and how to get it. Trying and failing to just eat a bit less, crappy foods because I faced the truth a while ago, that I cannot diet. I love food way too much. Maybe walking that little bit faster to work, get a smidgen more exercise in.

I had a thought though. Travelling, being a backpacker, going away for an extended period.. How different is that to preparing for a vacation?

I don’t know what the rest of you backpackers do in terms of your body hang-ups, but I’m definitely not taking any extraordinary measures to get a great body sorted for my travels.. If anything, I’m enjoying the massive variety of food available in England way more, while I still can!

What did you do before your travels? To improve or not to improve?!

One Response to “Dreams vs Reality”
  1. Anita Mac says:

    Ohhh…if only I could improve!!!! Sadly, I love the various flavour and tantalizing tastes of food and wine far too much!!!! I think I should worry about my body hang ups when I am dead – there are far too many more important things to worry about for now (like where will be my next great adventure! and for how long will I go!!!!) Thank goodness for the sarong!!! I can pretend to hide behind that!!!! Have a great time at the beach – I am sure you have earned it!

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