Merry Christmas!

Just a little holiday post before this year ends and turns into 2012 – for me, the year for travelling!

One of the perks of Christmas for a traveller, getting things you need/want (eh, what’s the difference sometimes!) without paying for them. Especially important when you’re saving and budgeting every last penny, which I definitely am! So you can probably imagine how happy I was to receive this incredibly detailed map of the world from my brilliant dad, complete with little flag pins! Ready for me to conquer and pin myself all over the world, literally. You can see the tiny amount of pins I have put it in already.. I am ITCHING to have way more on there! 8 weeks time could not come soon enough!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and may 2012 bring you all the happiness in the world (get what I did there?) be it to do with travelling or not. See you next year!


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