Travel "Bucket List"

For a long time now, I’ve had what I call a “Life List” – which most of you will know as a “Bucket List”. It literally contains everything I HAVE to do in my life before I die, to make sure I get the most out of my life and hopefully die happy. Fingers crossed! I’m not going to share my life list with you, that’s just a personal thing for me to casually cross off and add to as I please! But.. What about my travel bucket list I hear you shout? Well that, I can definitely share with you. So far, I have..

1. See the New York skyline.
2. Swim with Dolphins.
3. Live in Australia for as long as I can.
4. See the Amazon.
5. See Niagara Falls.
6. Go to Disneyland again, but with my best friends.
7. Girls holiday.
8. Visit Times Square and stand over a steaming grate. Basically do everything touristy in The Big Apple.
9. Hike the Inca Trail.
10. See all the sights of Italy.
11. Visit idyllic Fiji.
12. Island hop.
13. Go to the Full Moon Party in Thailand.
14. Travel with friends, in a couple and solo.
15. Floating markets in Vietnam.
16. Get over my fear of the sea and things in it.. Surf in Byron Bay, Scuba dive in the Coral Reef.
17. Go wild in Rio, Vegas and Mexico.
18. “Eat, Pray, Love”.
19. Spend New Year’s Eve in another country.
20. Jump off a waterfall in Hawaii.
21. Drive Route 66 myself.
22. Discover Morocco.
23. Elephant ride/trek.
24. Visit Antarctic/Antarctica.
25. Spend a ski season as a rep/chalet girl.
25. Madagascar (It’s got to be as good as the films, right?)
26. Go on safari in Africa.
27. See Ayers Rock.
28. Learn Italian – Basic or fluent.
29. Ride the Orient Express.
30. Experience the middle east – Abu Dhabi.
31. Oddly enough, ride a Tuc Tuc.
32. Fly first class.
33. See the Terracotta Warriors.
34. Great Ocean Road, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge.
35. Hug a Koala in Oz.
36. Visit a country or a place that has never been on my bucket list – and enjoy it.

There you have it! I could probably add to this list for the rest of the night but for one, I wouldn’t get any sleep and I. Am. Pooped. And two, that’d get really boring, really fast. And that’s the last thing I want! But you get the general idea of how much more I’ve got to do and hopefully how much time and energy I’ve got for travelling! If you don’t get out there, REAAALLLY get out there, and experience what the world and life has to offer, what is the point? Really?

Got a travel bucket list? What’s on yours?


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