Is it just me?

Right now, I am struggling big-time.

I’ve had the entire week off of work and have spent every single day dedicating my time towards figuring out my ever-changing travel plans. I’ve barely seen the outside world, eek! Despite this and my enthusiasm at the start of the week, I seem to be getting blocked at every turn – whether it be availability, money, time or just seemingly impossible tasks. If I find a tour that catches my attention and ticks all the appropriate boxes, it’s not available until next may. Errrrr too late! If I find a cheap enough RTW flight, it ALWAYS misses out one of my main destinations. Big no no. I even tried a site called, where they ensure they can find something suited to you (was a bit skeptical about this statement anyway..). I searched the site, found none that catered to me so filled out a form. My main destination? My perfect trip? Click, send. In the email back, they’d thrown in a couple extra places I hadn’t asked for and missed out half the places I did! – which is bad considering I only put down 5 specific destinations.

Tomorrow is my next meeting with my travel agent and I’m genuinely nervous this time. I’m also a bit deflated – is it supposed to be this hard to plan a gap year? Through everything I’ve read, it doesn’t seem to be. Is it just me?


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