My almost-9pm panic.

At this very moment, I’m having one of my regular panics about money and how much I’m going to have saved up. I am constantly recalculating how much I’m going to have for pre-trip costs – flights, accommodation, etc- even though the amount never changes. I’m scared about whether it’s going to be anywhere near enough to fund even half of what I want to do (and I want to do so many things it’s insane!), how much each bit of my trip is going to cost, the things I’m going to need even before I leave English territory!

I just had a look at Australian visas – it’s only £20 for a regular visa but a working holiday visa? £219! (Momentary freak out) if only flights weren’t so expensive these days. I’m definitely rethinking every part of my half-formed plans to cut costs, so that when I finally click that “Purchase” button, I’ll feel relieved and excited rather than have any doubt in my mind to what I’ve just booked myself onto.

Don’t freak out. Just keep focussed, Bec.


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