Money, money, money

Yesterday was finally the day my appointment at STA Travel was scheduled. I was so excited to be able to get some real and true information about exactly what I wanted to do. Also, the person your appointment is with is an expert on, or has at least travelled to, the place/s in which you want to visit. So it was my chance to gain valuable information, get estimates on my flights and clear up any major queries I had.

The woman I met was called Charlene, and she really helped me out. Maybe she wasn’t the most talkative or forthcoming person I’d ever met, but she got me the facts and details I needed. Having travelled to Australia herself, she was able to tell me that the Western part of it was stunning (where the famous Ayers Rock is), which made me want to visit it more, if that’s possible! She also gave me an amazing idea that combined two things I wanted to do in the same country. I won’t give away specifics yet, as nothing’s booked, but I am totally excited.
The downside of my appointment? Being hit in the face or stomach with the reality of how much my flights are going to cost me. An arm and a leg. And a foot. I knew Australia was expensive, but an open-dual return, where I can flight into one airport and out another on any date, was wow-expensive.
I walked away from that travel agents with excitement completely consuming me, and for the rest of the day, I couldn’t wait to get home and start reading through the brochures. But when I actually arrived home, I found myself not wanting to look at them, to keep my happy state of mind for the rest of the night, until today, when I knew revisiting all the information would leave me worrying once again about money. Wish me luck!

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