What I’m buying

Until I leave, I’m going to try and post a list of stuff I buy especially for travelling. Hopefully at the end, I’ll post a picture of what I’ve actually managed to pack. I have a tendency to over-buy and over-pack so I’m going to try and curb that.. We’ll see how it goes!

As of..
16th November
– Waterproof, spacious bag that I will use for hand luggage. Large enough to fit a change of clothes, toiletries, a book and other flight paraphernalia, £12 from a stall in Norwich.
– Empty plastic bottles with labels for various liquids, £1 from Primark.
– Pair of high-waisted comfy, good quality denim shorts, £20 in Miss Selfridge sale.
– Long sleeve cotton t-shirt. £2.50 from Primark.
– Padded laptop case. Unsure of price as it was given to me for free.
26th December (All Christmas presents so I don’t know the price!)
-Scrapbook for photographs from my travels, from Camden.
– Fujifilm 14mp compact camera, £98.99 from Argos.
– 4 spare camera batteries (Li-ion) and 4 8gb memory cards.
– Gorilla pod tripod (as well as a tripod that hooks on a keychain – worse quality though).
– Swiss Army Knife, engraved with “For all your adventures”.
– Travel document organiser.
– Toiletry bag full of mini’s.
– Moleskine notebook.
– Passport holder.
– A plush mini spider – a joke between me and my Dad which I will explain once I’m on the road!
– Mini pencils and a pen (from a cracker!).
– A fire striker, so I can be like Bear Grylls!

Bear Grylls = Me!

3rd January
– Waterproof, windproof thin jacket. £19.99, down from £79.99!
– Giant travel towel. £8.99, down from £12.99. Both in the sale from Mountain Warehouse!
– Small bag that folds up like a poncho for washing or food shopping. £8.00 from Paperchase.
– Travel journal with pockets and plastic sleeves inside. £9 from Paperchase (I also bought a pen).
– Some city pocket travel guides, which I won from @iExplore.

26th January
– 45+10L Backpack.
– Hiking boots. Both from my best friend, who does St. John’s ambulance. These have saved me a lot of £££’s!
– World travel adaptor. Around £3 from Tesco’s. 


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