• Hey!

    My name's Bec and I'm the one who's off meeting the world and I started on 22nd February 2012.

    Along the way I will be blogging as much as possible and probably will never be happy with my blog appearance, so apologies if it's different every time you view it! Feel free to read, comment or just give me any general advice or tips, especially in the run up to my departure.

    Want to know a little more about me? Head over to that section at the top of the page.
    Want to know why I'm going travelling? There's a page for just that a little bit further up.
    Want me to shut up and just let you read? Off you go then!

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Goodbye to Fast Friends

Making friends as a backpacker, traveller or whatever you want to call the kind of nomad lifestyle a lot of people have chosen, is very different to making them at home or in a familiar place. Out here, when you find someone that you connect with, the friendship is more instant. You bypass the petty … Continue reading

An Update

Okay so I’ve decided that central and northern Australia were never going to be the best places to update and run a blog from. Here it’s more likely to see a wild Dingo run up and steal your butter (actually happened yesterday!) than to have signal or free/relatively cheap wifi. And can I be frank … Continue reading

Feel at Home Backpackers – Singapore

“Feel at Home Backpackers are at your service to provide the best budget hostel in Singapore at very affordable prices with great facilities.” First Impressions: everything’s a little jumbled up and it’s not the cleanest of places. However straight away I was offered breakfast and some homemade Indian food despite not having technically “checked-in” yet. … Continue reading